Kim Perets

About Kim Perets

Fashion Designer from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Kim Perets is a Tel-Aviv based fashion brand, focusing on couture fashion, laser-cut technology and handmade clothing with innovative materials and textiles.

Kim Studied in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and graduated with honors. Her final collection was presented at “New York Fashion Tech Week” in 2017. After working for prominent designers in New York; Alon Livne, Tel Aviv; Vivi Bellaish and Amsterdam; Iris Van Herpen, she moved back to Tel Aviv and opened her own

Her first independent collection was for the underground party line “Kokschok” at the alternative fashion week in Tel Aviv. Inspired by the DIY spirit of the line, this collection was created with absolutely no budget and every piece of clothing was made from reused fabrics and clothes that were unstitched and redesigned in new forms.

“I believe that as a designer, you must always change and evolve. At this stage of my career, I love creating clothes with no gender, fashion that is meant to show and not to cover. When I design, I imagine my customers wearing my clothes and feeling comfortable in their bodies and true to their authentic selves.”